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"Come Next Year" Bexy123454 1-16-2005


crazyredbeauty 1-19-2005

"I'm Dreaming of A Sims Christmas"
A Sim tries his best to bring Christmas to his family, which proves to be very difficult. Its a look at the frustration that spoofs the same feeling that Sim Players felt before the Maxis Xmas tree and HomeCrafter came out.
ChrisRPDX 1-21-2005

"Innocence" TheGroovyMule36 1-23-2005
"Cats In The Cradle"
A music video of Harry Chapin's "The Cat's in the Cradle" song. A bit rough around the edges, but it's my first music video. Hope you like it.
notovny 1-26-2005
This movie is about a couple who lose their child to illness. This is my very first movie
MyMultiCharSN 1-29-2005
"Nobody's Home"
An Avril Lavigne Music Video
nizalora1 1-29-2005
"Crazy In Love"
Check out my version of Beyonce's music video crazy in love
VisibleSimAngel 1-31-2005
"There Goes My Life"
My movie is about a young male that thought he had made the biggest mistake of his life but it turned out to be the biggest blessing. It is based on the song “There goes my life” by Kenny Chesney.
SusJ75 1-31-2005
"The Night He Went To Work" Katie14489 2-6-2005
"Simply Being Loved" TJSimulation 2-9-2005
"Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young"
Tonight is what it means to be young a song by Fire, Inc from the movie Streets of Fire. Enjoy.
Candyoz5 2-10-2005