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"Mansions" by Burlap to Cashmere - This music video is about what some people struggle with. Trying to do what one might consider the right thing while at the same time being pulled by one's desire. Asking for strength knowing there is hope, asking for help. It is about love.

unmasked316 1-17-2005

"Emotionless" by Good Charlotte - For Tiny Teddy, Our Choices have affects no matter what we might think. unmasked316 1-17-2005
"Merry Christmas" unmasked316 1-17-2005
"Supermodel" - This is a funny music video. All of us Girl types are suppose to be perfect..NOT! I don't hate Supermodels, beauty is wonderful just don't judge by what is fading :) unmasked316 1-17-2005
"Song Of Hope" by Plumbline - We get lost sometimes, hopefully we have a place to go. unmasked316 1-17-2005

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