I am currently using ALL of these mods and
I have had NO problems whatsoever. All mods come from

Swinger Bed

Swinger Bed with Pregnancy

NEW !! Original & University - "Swinger's Bed" global hack (updated)
This is a global hack, it changes the behavior of ALL of your double beds. They will not look any different, but the "relax" menu options are now different. If you relax with a stranger you will get the same menu options as if you were in love with that person (Cuddle, Kiss, Makeout, Woohoo [Try for baby]). This hack removes the need for pretty much any sort of relationship between two people to have sex in a bed. They have to "know" each other for the menu to come up, but just having them relax for a few minutes will fix that. They can even dislike each other, but as long as they "know" each other they can... Cuddle, Kiss, Make Out, and Woohoo. This only works in bed. Outside of the bed all the behaviors remain the normal. Full description here.

Triplets & Quad Mod

Triplets & Quad Mod Random

NEW !! Original & University - Triplets & Quads **Version 2.2
1. Quads! (if you dare..)
2. Option to randomly get 1,2,3, or 4 babies (see below)
3. Option to simply have the original number of babies the sim was going to have. Full description here.
NEW !! Original & University - No censor patch (No exe modification required!)
This disables the censorship blur without needing to modify the games .exe file. To use: Unzip the file into My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Config
folder. Full description here.

InTeenimater 1.1d

InTeenimater 1.1d for EP

NEW !! Original & University - InTeenimater 1.1d - Teenage Intimate Relationships w/ Pregnancy
Full Teen/Teen, Teen/Adult "Private" Woohoo support (hot tubs and beds) no restrictions on age or gender
Full Teen/Teen, Teen/Adult Try for Baby support
Full interaction support with pregnant teens (talk to baby, rub belly, etc.)
Random 10% chance of pregnancy with regular Woohoo for all sims
Teens change into PJ's (if appropriate) instead of maternity clothes
Teens experience morning sickness and all phases of pregnancy
Teens get maternity leave and paid time off from their job and school (pregnancy is hard enough without all the
Teens get "baby fat" during their 2nd and 3rd trimesters
Full Teen/Teen, Teen/Adult Propose Engagement support w/ Breakup
Support for Adult/Teen Propose Marriage support w/ Breakup
Support for Adult/Teen Move In support
Teens do not forget their teenage loves when transitioning into adults
Privacy mods for teens in relationships (unchanged from Jen's)
Full Teen/Teen, Teen/Adult Sleep/Spoon (unchanged from Jen's)
Same sex relationships (w/ support for Woohoo and engagement/civil unions) for teenage couples
Fertility treatments for sims to increase pregnancy odds
Instant impregnation (singletons and twins) and support for accelerated pregnancies
Pregnancy progression meter for teenage sims
Full description here.
NEW !! Original & University - Easier Breakup
This hack enables breaking up at below 90 relationship. It's not quite available all the time, but this shouldn't be hard to do. At least you won't hit it by accident, and you don't need to fight for 3 days or cheat on anyone.
Your Sims probably still won't LIKE this idea, though. And will pine about it. For ages. That's your problem, though. Full description here.
NEW !! Original & University - no-jealousy-at-all behavior package.
This package contains Jealousy behaviors that have been modified to remove all jealousy from the Sims 2. Full description here.
NEW !! Original & University - eXperion's Reaction tester
With the eXperion's Reaction tester you can make them cry, laugh, surprise and much more. Don't forget to set loops to 100, so it will do more times. Full description here.

All of these mods (unless otherwise stated) go into your DOWNLOADS folder in My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2

Like with anything, even though I've tested all mods and programs
extensively, please BACKUP your neighborhoods before you use any
of the mods and programs. I did too :)