I am currently using ALL of these mods and
I have had NO problems whatsoever. All mods come from

NEW !! Merola's Energizer Painting. Fills up all your Sims' needs, there's three areas to click on.
Full description here.
NEW !! Weather mod and more, lightning bolts, rainstorm, heavy rainstorm, PERFECT for movie-making and a lot more fun stuff !! You have to unzip it and put it in the "collections" folder, not the "downloads" folder !! Full description here.
No Jealousy At All Mod (VERY useful if you have Romance Sims).
Full description here.
Twins Only Mod (Like the name says, that's all you'll get...twins).
Full description here (middle of the page).
  NEW !! Ultimate Mod KE-InSIMenator version 1.4B. It's 3 different files now, that's why I took the download off this page.
Full description here. The 3 download links are on that site too.
Shop At Home Mod (A clothing rack for home to buy clothes without having to drive to a community lot). Full description here.
NEW !! Teen Woohoo with pregnancy Mod.
Full description here.
Teleporter Mod (You can teleport ANYONE from your neighborhood into your house)
Full description here.
Clothingrack Mod (This is a hacked dresser which contains all clothes to wear, it doesn't automatically contain all clothes for your Sims to keep though).
Full description here.
Updated Nojoin Version Ultimate Myshuno Cube (NOJOIN Version). Too many things to list here. Full description here.

All of these mods (unless otherwise stated) go into your DOWNLOADS folder in My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2

Like with anything, even though I've tested all mods and programs
extensively, please BACKUP your neighborhoods before you use any
of the mods and programs. I did too :)