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"She thinks his name was John"
Music Video, AIDS Awareness, based on Reba McEntire's song.
MiyaMunSedai 1-26-2005
"Nandy's Hello"
Music Video, Evanescence's "Hello"
The death of her teenage daughter affected Nandy, causing her to see and interract with someone who isn't even there.
MiyaMunSedai 1-26-2005
"Glory Going Under"
Music Video, Evanescence's "Going Under". Ever since Glory got married, things just haven't been right.
MiyaMunSedai 1-26-2005
"The Wheel Of Time"
A trailer for what is to come (hopefully).  A fantasy story filled with "magic" and danger.  A prophecy has been made that someone will be born to save or destroy the world.  Who will he be, and which path will he choose?
MiyaMunSedai 1-29-2005
"Pretty Fly for a Rabbi"
Music Video (Comedy) of Weird Al's song
It tells the tale of a "hip" Rabbi.
MiyaMunSedai 1-31-2005

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