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"House Of Fun Episode Series 1 #10" lostatcore 1-17-2005
"House Of Fun Series 2 Trailer 1"
Trailer One - This is the first trailer for the next series of House of Fun. This trailer also sets the mood for the upcoming return.
lostatcore 1-23-2005
"House Of Fun Series 2 Trailer 2"
Trailer Two - This is a sneak preview of where the next House of Fun series will be filmed.
lostatcore 1-29-2005
"House Of Fun Series 2 # 1"
This is the first episode in the second series of House of Fun! So the fun begins once again, but what will this series have in store for our house!
lostatcore 1-29-2005
The 'Lifelike Project Making Of' video featuring how I used green/blue screen. lostatcore 1-23-2005
"Potty Race" lostatcore 1-26-2005
"The Bully Trailer"
This is a trailer for my upcoming series, The Bully. The series may contain some material that could offend some viewers. The series may not be suitable for younger viewers. This trailer however is rated PG as it contains no 'adult' content at all. The series should start within the next month or so.
lostatcore 2-4-2005
"Welcome Back"
This is my welcome back message for Jung Frau! Oh how I've missed you!
lostatcore 2-4-2005
"Your DJ Is A Clown"
This is just a quick music video I threw together!
EPILEPTIC WARNING! This movie contains scenes of flashing images and lights. Please don't watch this movie in full screen if you are epileptic. Thank you.
WARNING! May not be suitable for younger children!
lostatcore 2-4-2005

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