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General The Sims 2 Sites
Great site with great stuff for The Sims 2
Intelligent objects for The Sims and The Sims 2
The Sims 2 Modding & Objects & Clothing & Make Up
THE internet site when it comes to modding The Sims 2
One of my all-time favorite The Sims and The Sims 2 websites, tons of cool downloads, some for free, some you have to pay for. The best on the net though.
One of the best sites around, awesome downloads and constantly updated.
Lots of cool stuff for the Sims 2, downloads, clothing, objects and more.
Incredible Undies and other sexy clothes for your Sims 2 :)
If you are over 18 and you would like some really cool adult skins for free, please visit this site. This site is also home of the PARADISE WALL MIRROR, totally awesome !!
If you are over 18 and if you want some realistic anatomically correct looking nude Sims 2 skins, this is definitely the place to go !!
A really cool site with cool downloads.
The Sims 2 Movies Sites
You won't believe the awesome work some simmers are doing !! Now over 200 movies on the site !!

LittleSimGirl is one of the best Sims 2 movie producers out there, please check out her awesome site !!

  Decorgal is definitely a master at producing The Sims 2 movies !!
The Sims 2 movies, reviews and ratings at sims99.com.
Link to your films and vote for your favorites!
The Sims 2 Tutorial Sites Linda's The Sims 2 Tutorials
This is by far the best site with the best tutorials and other stuff for The Sims 2. MikeInside will teach you how to become a master at building homes for your Sims 2.
The Sims 2 Fansite Collections
The Ultimate Sims List links to every known Sims site in the world. Find new Sims sites, rediscover old ones, vote for your favorite sites, take the poll, participate in the forum, or download some skins!
  More The Sims 2 fansites here
Misc. Websites
Personal Site Directory: A site with links to many interesting personal websites

A collection of Active Sim Site Links, please check it out !! :)