This section is waiting for your Sims 2 movie submissions !!

To be able to post movies on my site I need you to do the following:

IMPORTANT: I  need you to send me a separate email with your name (the name you are using on the Maxis site - when you are on your Sims Page, just copy and paste the URL into the email - so I can link to that page from your name which I will put next to the "Play Movie" button) and if you want to, a small description of your movie.

If you have made a Sims 2 movie, please use YOUSENDIT to send me your Sims 2 movies, we have been experiencing some problems with sending it through regular email since I have only limited email space.  Just put as the email address on the form at, also there is a space for a "message to recipient", if you want to, please put a short description of your movie and your username for the Maxis website (so I can link to it) there so I can put it on this page along with the movie. Please send your movies in .wmv format, that's the default file format for movies that were created with Windows Movie Maker) and I'll upload it to this "Your Movies" section on my page for only your movies.  Please limit the file size to 20 MB, remember that when someone clicks on the link to your movie, they have to download the whole file to be able to view it. Think about the people on dial-up as well, not everyone has cable or dsl yet. You can submit your movies here.

And what do you think about if we could vote for someone's movie, like with a poll? I'm sure that would be a lot of fun. Please let me know what you think. Just drop me an email.

If you are looking for the best clothing, hair, objects and make up for your Sims 2 movie stars, please check out It's a pay site, I know, but if you want something of unsurpassed quality, it does have a price tag on it. They also have some free downloads on their site. For recolored free objects and even make up and hair you can also go to

You can save the movies by clicking on "file" and then "save as.." when the Windows Media Player opens the files. All movies are in .wmv format and your Windows Media Player should open automatically to play the movies. If you click on the name links, it'll take you to the creator's Maxis page.

I have sorted the movies by artist to make it easier to find a certain movie, if you have submitted more than one movie, you have your own little movie section now :) I just wanted to let all of you know that all your movies are awesome !!

Marklo4 has made a little "credit" movie which you can add (but you are not obligated to) at the end of your submitted movies, it basically says "hosted by Jabby4evr's The Sims 2 Vault". Get it here.

Another little "credit" movie which you can add (but you are not obligated to) at the end of your submitted movies, it says "Movie proudly hosted by Jabby4evr's and Lynnspayne's The Sims 2 Vault". Get it here.